infant convertible car seatBecoming modern parents will make people able to find various kinds of modern support for nursing the baby. Having the baby in the family of course becomes one of the happiest experiences which people can find in their life. The baby will bring great happiness in their life but there is also great challenge which should be faced by parents. The newborn will depend on parents very much because the newborn is very sensitive about various things. That is why parents should make sure that they have great awareness about the comfort as well as safety of the newborn including when they are looking for the infant convertible car seat. Even if they have a second, third, or fourth child, they will need to have a carrier for their infant.

For modern parents, there is no question that convertible car seat will be very important investment especially if they will be mobile a lot with the baby. There are various kinds of consideration which people should make when they are choosing the car seat for the baby. Various kinds of brand offer the convertible car seat but choosing the best one will be tricky for sure. When choosing the convertible car seat from the newborn, there are some things which should be considered carefully.

Tips to Choose Infant Convertible Car Seat

The very first thing which should be checked is the strap positioning. The strap should be positioned at the shoulders or right below the shoulders of the newborn when it is used for rear facing. For making the strap fits properly for the newborn, it is important for making sure that the convertible car seat comes with the lowest slots which are possible.

The next thing which should be considered is the tightness of the harness. It is crucial for making sure that there is tight enough straps for passing the pinch test. Short enough harness will be able to accommodate the baby with average weight. Parents should pay attention about this because many convertible car seat products come with too long harness which makes it difficult to get tight over the small body of the newborn.

There are still other things which people should consider including the angle because commonly 45 degrees reclining is needed by the newborns. It is important for avoiding the newborn head from falling forward because it will cause airway constriction which can lead breathing problem for new infant. Adjusting the angle can be done easily for some convertibles car seat but parents must not forget that it is also important for ensuring the secure installation without forgetting about the room for passenger in the front seat.

Convertible Car Seat safety Features

When choosing the convertible car seat it’s recommended to purchase one that has met the requirements of multiple safety standards, if you live in United  State of course the U.S. safety standards are a common requirement.

Some of the safety features of infant car seats should include:

  • 5-Point harness
  • EPS energy absorbing foam
  • Side impact protection
  • LATCH connectors
  • Meets or exceeds US safety standards

On the other hand, some parents tend to see the brand when choosing the convertible car seat but it does not mean that it will be perfect option for the children. The newborn surely will have specific need about the body positioning which can be supported by the inserts addition. For getting the perfect fitting of seating, there can be support for body and head of the newborn as well which should be considered. Nevertheless, if this support cannot be found, the perfect fitting for the newborn can be supported using the rolled blanket for instance. Last but not least, parents have to make sure that the convertible car seat is perfectly fit and comfort for the children