Having baby surely can be great happiness source for many parents. Parents will get much happier if they can make sure that the baby feels comfortable and safe. The parents maybe will have a lot of things to do in the daily life but it will not make them forget the need of the baby for sure. Parents maybe will go to various places and they want to bring along the baby in the car. It means that they have to make investment for the best car seat which can make sure that the baby can feel comfortable and safe during the drive.

We know that choosing the right car seat can be not easy. Due there are different types of car seats available in market today such as convertible car seats, booster seats and infant car seats. Which type of seat you purchase will depend on your children age and size. Once you have found the right seat, you will need to know how to properly install the car seat and know when the time is right for your child to graduate to the next type of seat as your child grows.

What Is The Safest Convertible Car Seat?

safest convertible car seatAs mention above that various kinds of car seat product can be found but many parents will choose convertible car seat because it can be installed rear facing or forward facing and most convertible car seats will accommodate children from about 5 to 65 pounds. Some parents think that this car seat will not be suitable for their children due to the safety standard. However, when people are choosing the best and safest car seat, the main consideration which should be made is associated with the weight as well as height of the children.

In fact, convertible car seat becomes favorite choice for many parents because it can be installed easily and it is able to hold up pretty well over the time. Another great advantage from this car seat is that they will be able to make adjustment so the car seat can be suitable for the children as they grow without ignoring about the weight limit for sure. Although people can find great advantages from the convertible car seat, it is crucial for choosing the safest convertible car seat. Some standards should be considered when people are looking for the safest option of convertible car seat for their children. The very first thing is that the convertible car seat must meets NHTSA standards. This means that it has passed crash performance standards and it is safe to buy.

NHTSA, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a federal agency in charge of highway safety. Although all car seats rated by NHTSA meet federal safety standards, some are rated easier to use than others.

NHTSA uses the following 5 star rating system for ease of use:

5 Stars = Excellent
4 Stars = Above Average
3 Stars = Average
2 Stars = Below Average
1 Star    = Poor

NHTSA rates car seats in 4 different areas: Evaluation of Labels, Evaluation of Instructions, Securing the Child, and Installation Features.

The car seat of course will be used pretty often so it is crucial for choosing the car seat which comes with installation easiness. Five star rating in fact can be found from the car seat product which comes with easiness of installation. Installation easiness will help them to make sure that the car seat can be installed correctly. The safest option of convertible car seat should also be able to be attached directly to the car. It will be much safer option compared to the car seat which uses the seat belt for holding it in the right place. With this specification, parents actually will be able to install it easily and safely because the seat will remain in the place.

The safest option of convertible car seat should also have five points safety harness. It will include two straps for shoulder, two straps for thigh, as well as one strap which can move between the legs of the child. It is important for choosing the adjustable strap so it can fit the child perfectly. The safest option of convertible car seat will also provide the protection for side impact which comes with energy absorbing foam.